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Welcome to Disability:IN’s Certification Application Process

The Disability:IN is a national non-profit that helps business drive performance by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace, supply chain, and marketplace. The Disability:IN offers a national certification for disability and service-disabled veteran business owners. This business certification requires at least 51% ownership, management and control by an individual(s) with a disability as defined by the first prong of the ADA. Once certified, suppliers are introduced to Disability:IN’s Disability Supplier Diversity Program whose goals are to provide education, information and connect to contract opportunities provided by Disability:IN corporate partners, many of whom are Fortune 500 and 1000 corporations.

Since the launch of its Disability Supplier Diversity Program in January 2010, the Disability:IN has been advancing economic opportunity and supply chain inclusion in public and private sectors for entrepreneurs with disabilities; including veteran-disability owned and service disabled veteran-owned firms. Qualifying disability suppliers are encouraged to start the application process today. Note: While certification is not a guarantee of business, it is a tool to gain access to information and corporate buyers and decision-makers.

Disability:IN Now Offers 2 Year Certification for Disability-Owned Businesses

  • Applies to all Disability:IN suppliers/applicants of record as of 12/31/17
  • Processing fee changes from $200 annually to $300 every two years

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Do I qualify and am I ready?

Do you have a disability- a physical and/or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities? Do you own at least 51% of your business? Are you the person who makes the day to day business decisions for your company? Are you willing to submit the required financial and business information for confidential review? Are you willing to participate in a required site visit interview at your business headquarters?

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What to expect from the process

Application process (unless expedited) takes up to 90 days. Once a completed application is received, it is forwarded for initial review to the Disability:IN’s National Certification Committee (NCC). If approved the application moves to a site visit (occurs at your office location). After receipt of the site visit report, the NCC conducts a final review and reaches a final determination regarding application approval or denial. If at any point in the process questions arise and the applicant delays in response, this will extend the time required for the NCC to reach a decision regarding your application.


Certification sets you apart from your competition and provides a level of assurance for our corporate partners. You will gain access to corporate representatives and decision makers and have the opportunity to get participate in monthly teleconferences and Webinar Series, corporate business fairs and other events and programs, i.e. including executive education programs, mentoring and business development programs.

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